Eye scare. Am I going blind in my left eye?

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I woke up in the middle of the night to find out I wasn't seeing out my left eye but there was nothing obscuring my vision (in the dark). I even tried seeing if it was really an issue and I wasn't imagining it by closing my right eye and alas, I couldn't see. I panicked and turned on the light to go check in the mirror, however, when I did this, I could see! Right now that it's morning however, my vision is kinda blurry in that eye. I'm only 18 and I've had problems with my eyes regarding light sensitivity since I was young but I don't wear any prescribed glasses. It doesnt help that I'm also constantly looking at my phone screen, computer screen, tv screen, etc. Should I be scared right now for my left eye especially?

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    Eyes are always scary! We do need to take very good care of them and the jury is still out about how much screen-gazing is affecting your generation, who will have been doing it from an early age.

    So whether this thing is a result of that or not, it's wise to keep in mind as you go froward in life that the more breaks you can make with actual face to face communication the better it will be, not just for your eyes, but for all of you.

    Having said that, this night thing could have been nothing more serious than to do with how you were sleeping and the pressure your eye might have received at night.

    The time to worry is if it persists or happens again.

    Eyes are ultra sensitive but have the quickest healing capacity of your entire body, so if the blur hasn't gone away by tonight – or hasn't changed at all – then tomorrow might be the time to visit your eye doctor.

    All the best!

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      What you said is very true, but it's hard to ignore all this technology especially in this day and age. Currently I am traveling and there are not much people available for interacting with face to face. It's almost as if its impossible to meet people face to face; people have become way to sensitive to strangers interacting with them so it's hard. I do like interacting with people face to face though, there's no chemistry in the cyber world.

      But I do believe my eyes are really sensitive to light, I remember in very bright sunlight, I'd have like dark almost like vignetting at the corners of my eyes. And my head would start to throb. After a couple of minutes it'll go away but it was extremely uncomfortable.

      When I went to school on mornings, my vision would especially be blurry and my eyes would water a lot. Throughout the day though, it would get better. It still happens to this day.

      Maybe I'll check with a doctor soon although I'm not in my home country and not with my parents. Thanks for your insight!

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      First of all: quality dark glasses. preferabky with 'wings' (blinkers?).

      Second: No screen for the moment. Even your phone. (You'd e surprised what delights pop up when we look up instead of down!)

      Tell your famly and friends you're unplugging for a few days. See what it's like.

      Where are you in your travels?

      Do you speak the language?

      I am a much travelled lady (!) and I find it hard to believe a travelling teen can't connect with people...

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      You suggested glasses with 'blinkers', can transition lenses work just as well? I did research on glasses for light sensitivity problems so I kinda have an idea of what I'm dealing with.

      Only reason I am so preoccupied with all these devices is for communication with my family back home and to generally find out about what's going on in the world at times.

      I am currently in Montreal for a couple months. They speak both French and English (thankfully hahaa) so I don't have to worry about language boundaries but I can learn a lil something smile.

      I think the problem with connecting with other teens from different countries is the cultural differences. In fact I more connect with older people than young....I guess I am an old spirited person!

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      Gosh, cultural differences? Between the Canadians and the Brits? (I take it you're British or are you American? Anyway, both apply).

      I'm a Brit in India right now and THAT's cultural differences.

      And Montreal is beautiful and full of froggie type cafes and friendly people. Those cultural differences really can't be very big.

      Take a leap of faith! Either old or young – people are good always and far better to connect face to face than facebook to facebook... you know what I mean. Especially when your health is involved

      Your eyes... by transition lenses I assume you mean the sort that respond to sunlight and go dark? You call them lenses... but you do mean actual sunglasses don't you? not contacts?

      Anyway, I do!

      You need actual sunglasses with good quality lenses with blinker-type corners so your peripheral vision is also taken care of. They don't need to block the side vison, you just need to be sure they are tinted in a wraparound way so they also protect you from the side.

      That's what I mean.

      Plus personally, in your extreme case, I wouldn't recommend the transition sort because they change from light to dark much more slowly than you need when it comes to stepping out from a dark interior out into a bright open sunlight.

      If you feel you'd rather wear them all the time (as transition glasses imply) but you don't wear prescription glasses normally, why not get one of those sporty fit-on straps so you can drop them around your neck when not using them? Less likely to lose them that way, and the kind you get in the US at least, come in a mix of bright colours and are rather cool.

      Actually, I happen to be wearing one right now and it's called Chums.

      I bet they have them in Montreal!

      And I agree with Jayceevee.... get your eye doctor appointment as soon as possible and tell your mum that eyes are not to be dallied over. Jayceevee's hubby's experience is a huge teaching tale!

      I'm old enough to be your grandmother, so you can tell your mum that with a wag of your finger from me! (ha!)

      (And interesting what Jaycee says about keeping her screens lit up 24/7... in your case, though, I'd wait till you get the go-ahead. Not worth the risk. Bindness is no joke.)

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      Hahaa! I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Yes I do mean glasses and not lenses. I'm actually from the Caribbean (West Indies) so I'd say there is a big cultural difference. Also the air in Canada is much more humid than in the caribbean, would that also affect my vision? Surely my eyes would have to adjust to the change of climates. I guess that's why in the mornings my vision is terribly blurry and watery.

      The people here are indeed very friendly and social. I just have more casual conversations; the kind that gets you no closer to forming any sort of relationship in the future. I understand what you're saying though, I don't very much like texting anyway, I'd rather talk in person. Face to face as you said :D

      I'm sure if I were back home though, I'd already have visited a doctor especially with that scare but I'm having to watch how things go up here in Canada. Commuting is the hardest for me since there are so many different buses and stops and everything just looks so different at every corner. Nothing like back in the Caribbean wink

      Thanks for the advice again, hopefully I can take it and put it to good use.

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      OOps. I've never been to the Caribbean but I guess, yes, big cultural differences... agreed.

      The climate affect your eyes? almost certainly not. I have severe dry eyes and have been a climate watcher in relation to them for years and my answer is: climate as such makes no more than an inkling of difference.

      What does make a huge difference is being in extremely dry small airconditioned environments for long periods, such as airplanes.

      My condition is not the same as yours though, so don't worry too much.

      Unless it happens your symptoms appeared soon after an air flight.

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    You are so very young to be having these issues at such a young age.  Be sure to make an appointment with a reputable opthamologist to get an evaluation of the problems you are having.  As someone mentioned, always in the sunlight have great sunglass eye protection...the sun can be so damaging.  I personally believe many of my hubby's issues are caused by not wearing sunglasses in his younger days.  I had retinal tears (not detachment) in both eyes at ages 49 and 50 (so much younger than you and probably not your issues)..the first was like a wall of oil spilled over my eye and the next was just floaters.  Surgery took care of both and at age 75 have really good eyesight and little problems.  Hubby, on the other hand is legally blind...Protect your eyes by all means.  As to the computer screen, tv screen, iPad, iPhone at 75, I pretty much keep these going all the time so that shouldn't be in question.  Please see a good opthamologist for a complete eye examination and evaluation (eye specialist).. Best wishes, Jan V
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      Thank you for replying Jan. I have had problems regarding my eyes and sunlight/light back when I was about 5 or 6 years old. An infection, I believe, where I was given some eye drops which dealt with the issue then. However, I've never worn prescribed glasses since there weren't any significant issues that arose later on as I got older until my secondary school days.

      Light was always exaggerated from my sight to be very bright even when it wasn't so for others. I did also experience headaches in bright sunlight. I've always tried to push my parents to take me to an ophthalmologist but it would be pushed aside often I guess because my vision was still good. But now there are random periods of blurred vision in my eye sight and that night I originally posted about really got me anxious about my eyesight in the long run. I would very much like to get to your age and be able to see as if I were still a teen.

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      Tess, there are so many varied issues with vision problems that you truly need a diagnosis. Also, possibly a good internist to make certain there are no blood sugar issues.  Losing your eyesight is so frustrating, I deal with this daily with my great grandpa hubby who has monthly eye injections to maintain what little sight he has left in his right eye.  Of course, I am also a great grandmother with better eyesight than my granddaughters. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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      Sorry to hear about your great grandpa Jan. My mom who's in her late 40's has vision problems as well. She can hardly see without her glasses which she just got a couple months ago so I understand how trying it can be with lack of vision.

      Hopefully she (as well as I) can make it to your age with our vision intact. I remember the panick I felt that night if I were indeed blind and imagined all the things I took for granted and would surely miss if my vision went. I do not want to experience it in this lifetime.

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    Make an appointment with an opthamologist as soon as possible.  There are retinal issues and many other issues though you are young.  I had retinal tears (would be odd at your age however) and if not taken care of would have gone into full retinal detachment.  Best wishes and let us know how you are progressing.  Always wear sunglasses in the sun.  Hubby dear did not do this in earlier years and now is legally blind with injections monthly.  
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    Forgive me, I realize I responded earlier...hope this finds you with your sight returning.
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    Curious if you found out anything about your eye. I have the exact same symptoms! 

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