Dupuytren's Contracture (DC)

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I developed DC some years ago and despite one operation to straighten a finger it returned leaving that finger bent by about 45 degrees.

I've decided to live with it and seek no further treatment as I felt that the surgery gave only a temporary resolution to the problem and the scar tissue that built up around the operation site made the finger more difficult to move that before the op and despite the contracture.

Over the last couple of years the thickening of the tissues in my hand has slowly progressed but is only affecting the tissues connected to the one affected finger and causes me no real issues other than some discomfort in the palm if I'm using a tool that sits in the palm and I push down on it.

As I said previously, I'm prepared to live with the discomfort rather than seek more surgery which if anything gives only a temporary solution however, I have a question that some may be able to answer "when if ever does it stabilise and progress no further and has anyone experienced the condition affecting the tissues in their wrist or causing discomfort in the wrist.


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    I started with dupytren's in my 20's it took years before the finger started to pull towards the palm .They will not operate until beyond 30 degrees . By the time it ( my ring finger) was operable my little finger was also affected . Had both operated on about 15 years ago .Still fine and no problems since then had ring finger on my right hand operated on about 12 years ago no problems since ,. I am now waiting for operation on little finger right hand . i am now approaching 67 and would advise you to get it done . Never heard of it affecting the wrist . It is hereditory on my mothers side of the family my mother uncles aunts and brother all had it .I also have it in both feet ,but it does not cause the toes to deform. Hope my experiance might be of some help . By the way the finger can close right into the palm making any operation very difficult if at all possible.

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      Thank you Alan. The progression is slow and although the nodules in the palm may be tender if any pressure is applied i.e. gripping a tool firmly, I shall continue to live with it.

      I've seen to many examples in friends who have had their DP operated for it to return a year or two later, for me to have any more ops.

      I was surprised to read you have it in your feet but doesn't cause your toes to deform. If they are not deforming, how do you know you have DP in your feet? Have nodules formed?

      I have toes deforming on both feet but this is down to spinal compression affecting the nerves that control the toes and as I no longer have control of them, the muscles waste leading to them curling. Sods law really, if your fingers are affected by one condition your toes will go as well but due to something different.

      No nodules in the wrist thus far but far to many incidents of sudden unexplained weakness which can last for seconds on one occasion and minutes on another.

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      I have lumps on feet on sole about mid arch had them looked at and confirmed as dupytens but was assured they would not affect toes and they have not . I MUST say your experience of returning after a short time make me think my sergeons were very good as my ops are a distant memory . wish you well with what you deside . I put up with it for years until it affected what I could do . It affected my job and I rode a motorcycle and could no longerput my hand around the handle bars .

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      Very sorry to hear that you both have DC. This is a tricky disease to treat in my experience. Not everyone responds the same to treatments. I posted a few years ago and no replies, cannot find any of my past posts on DC since the new format.

      FIRST I did surgery for one pinky finger slightly bent. After therapy and splinting it seemed to cause more nodes on my palm. After a year all three fingers were curled into a fist making it impossible to use my right hand as well as distortion of my whole hand and thumb after surgery. see in pic below.

      NEXT did NA. The dry needling could not get thru the thick cording in palm.

      NEXT Xiaflex injections. It was helpful but painful. After 2 weeks from injection the fingers were manipulated straight finally. Then more therapy and splinting. That was 7 years ago and I still wear a Fixxglove splint nightly and can use my rt. hand . At this point a small limitation, I cannot hold small items.

      Some have also tried RA. Radiation therapy is very low radiation on the nodes in the palm area, if treated early I have read its helped many with shrinking the nodes in the palms preventing the cords from thickening and pulling the fingers down.

      Also have LEEDERHOSE in both feet same as DC in hands. Treatment is massage , heat, ice, steroid injections, rest and soft insoles and arch support and foot exercises . Toes are getting worse and painful. What treatments if any have your feet responded to for DC treatment?

      First pic below is 6 months after surgery showing all three fingers curling from new nodes formed on cords in the palm only one finger was effected before surgery..

      Second pic showing treatment from Xiaflex at two weeks showing swelling and bruising. After therapy and splinting the fingers are open and the use of my hand is restored also showing slight deformity of hand and fingers .

      The new format has a lot of new bugs yet to smooth out. I had retyped this 3 times and down loading the attachments were a problem so hope they came out ok since there is no preview before we post the final reply. Hope this opens up more conversations about DC treatments. the good, the bad and the ugly!

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      Thanks for the in depth report on your DC journey.

      I no longer work, so I'm not overly concerned at the limitations my DC places on me and as the progression is slow since the one operation 4 years ago and the lumps in my palm cause little discomfort, I'm hopeful that by the time I kick the bucket or go gaga whichever comes first, my DC journey will be tolerable.

      For younger DC sufferers there is very little option other than to go for some form of treatment which hopefully will at least delay progression until such time that age surpasses the need to keep on with treatment.

      I've got a few other conditions that are more serious and life threatening although not causing me any discomfort and although the inconvenience and slight discomfort I get from DC can very occasionally p**s me off, on the whole I'm content with what life throws at me.

      Thanks again for the replies and hopefully, one day, a more permanent solution the the DC issue will be found but I doubt in my remaining lifespan (20 - 25 years I hope.

      All the best.

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      I am having no treatment for my feet, as other than a little discomfort from the lumps under the arches if on my feet too long. I am 67 and having op as soon as they can fit me in for right hand little finger had needle release d years ago . I had the choice of another needle release or proper op as the three previous ops was so long ago I cannot remember exactly when . I never had any problems after releases I guess Either I am lucky or we have good surgeons . Think is must be the second as my brother has has a few releases with no problems either. Hope things get better for you .

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      I would be interested to learn in what hospital you underwent needle release, assuming you are located in the UK. Thanks

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      Weston-super-mare General hospital N H S somerset . Same as my operations . Local hospital .

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    I have only read notes from men with DC. I am a 61 year old woman and my physio diagnosed it while i was having physio on my hand after a trapeziectomy. That was on this Monday and since then i have noticed nodules on both hands and the thick line running down my palm. I have had a trapeziectomy on both my thumbs (trapezium bone removed) and now i have this to look forward to. I hope it doesant progress quickly.

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