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Thursday at PT was good but very hard as aid assisted to 120 degrees 9 weeks post op but Friday was sore and I think I felt traumatized by it. Today of course was an off day completely. Some days I have no energy and today headache. It's so frustrating. I am wondering if cause is because I use very minimal pain meds when not going to PT and take more on PT days could this cause headache and tiredness? Today was just a wipe out. I thought I was getting past these days sad 

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    TKR recovery IS NOT a linear path.  Advances, setbacks, plateaus...all part of the experience.  "Down" happens...normal...don't let it go to your head.  Not productive.

    Stay strong...this takes a year.

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      Thanks for the reminder Chico. I worry sometimes when a rellapse happens I am not getting better and I freak out. But I know tomorrow is a new day to make a new start bringing new hope! 
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      One might say that freaking out is not an option...but we're all human so go ahead...give yourself permission to have a Freak Out Day!!!  Where and when?  I'm there!!!

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      Yes, you are so helpful and now I need to suck it up once again and try to keep moving forward lol
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    I get impression your PT have ambitious target...115 at 12 weeks would be fine, in my unprofessional opinion, but based on my own experience. My Rom was that and continued to improve significantly after that. My PT's said to me when I was about 120 at 12 weeks that bit was really good and they were very impressed. So bear in mind that expectations can be vastly different and what is disappointing or cause for concern for one may not be for another.

    Actually, it is YOU who owns the process and as long as you don't do anything stupid at this stage like become a punk rocker and spend ten hours pogoing on hard concrete...(even though you may feel like doing so), it sounds from what you have shared on the forum that you are Doing WELL!

    Chin up! Keep swelling down as much as you can.

    Unfortunately PT might be contributing to your low mood. Bear in mind...and realise you are doing exceptionally well! Keep doing exercises but listen to your body as well.

    Listen to knee, rest, continue with exercises, Chico has made lots of good points, hold onto them. Things are all changing in your soft tissues and continue to do so for a good year. Time will progress at its own pace and your knee will heal as it wills. Hipe you feel better soon.

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      Thank you so much for your reply. Definitely, I think PT has contributed to this down mood. It was very hard getting to 120 last session at 9 weeks. I am scared going back in Tuesday because the push for the measurement will come. I just hope between now and then I can pick myself up and try the heel slides. I am thinking even if I don't go as far as they do its still beneficial to help me prep for Tuesday

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      Being tense and not feeling relaxed i imagine does not help range of motion either!

      I found best at 10 weeks onwards exercising in pool, sauna, and gravity, i.e. lying on back with bent knees in air..breathing into the tightness in the way I do with yoga. Bending in nice warm relaxing bath...very good exercise sliding body forwards and backwards gently.

      Also going down stairs on bottom was good!

      Somehow making exercises enjoyable and positive really makes a difference.

      Heel slides lying down I think were easier, with foot on very smooth board and while distracted while watching tv so that I did not focus on them.

      Heel slides sitting up can be easier too.

      Keep us posted.

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    Don't take a complete day off. Just move about a little, substantially increase your intake of water as dehydration is a real problem with many. Don't expect a continual upward movement in the rehab process and don't be distressed with minor backsliding, its to be expected. Healingbis like the stock market...up and down but as long as it's up over the long haul, yours winning. I think the water and maybe some anti inflammatories, providing they don't bother your stomach will have you on the right track. Once again, and its oft repeated but so true, this is a marathon, not a sprint. 2 steps forward and one back but at least you are gaining on the finish line. This is coming from a guy with 11 surgeries, 30 rounds of radiation and 5 complete rehabs all on the same leg. The one rule that's always at the top of the list...don't get discouraged, you'll get there, just keep moving.

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      Bless you with all you've been through! I am I aw of your experience. It's a marathon. I am by nature a sprinter but this is teaching me how to pace. smile I am reluctant to so anti inflammatory because I had a blood test come back not so good once on kidney. Stopped all things and it improved. 

      I would take Advil if I could and maybe just taking it sparelying would be ok. I will check. I won't see the doc until Nov one. 2 mos in-between doc visits. sad But I think I am ok. Just still experiencing pain and inflammation some. But I will soldier on in hopes of better days! 

      Thanks so much

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      I grew up in Brooklyn...NYC...home of "The New York Minute".  When we get up in the morning, we're already in 5th gear.  My TKR has taught me (FORCED ME) to learn the value of patience.  This is NOT an's is a gift.  Learn it.  Embrace the journey.  You will find a strength you did not know you had.  Just take the time to slow down and let your body heal.  Be good to YOU!!!

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    Absolutely take pain meds before PT.  Your leg is being forced into positions.  Headache might be from dehydration. Rest when you are tired. My first nine weeks were spent sleeping after PT.  Fatigue is a way for your body t to tell you that you have done too much. This is a brutal surgery.  Ice and rest.
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      Thank you for your response. Yes,I take a full pain pill before I go. Dehydration could be a problem for me so I will now monitor my water intake and set a daily goal. I just went walking a bit icing now and will do exercises in a bit. I am not one to like this tired feeling lol BUT I will patiently listen to body and adjust. I will get out of the mindset of needing to get going back up to speed and only set my mind toward total recovery. 

      This is is a very big challenge but as you said this is a brutal surgery and I am hopeful one day I will be so happy I went through all this!

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    I thought I was the only one. 10 weeks and I can only do

    something for 3 or 4 hours . After that I feel totally waisted.  I can lay down for a little while and get up for a short time. Some times I feel like I can barely get out of

    bed in the mornings. I am exhausted all day. I don’t know if it is because I try to do too much in one day. I really push myself. I used to be the “energized bunny “.

    I hope this helps. U r not alone.

    I don’t have anyone for PT. I do PT on my own. I know as much as they do after the first surgery . I was at 132 in less than a month, thank God.

    Good luck with your recovery. Every day is a step forward. It does get better.

    Wish you the best!

    Mary Kay

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      Thank you so much! 132 is remarkable good. I am only 120 with a aid. I am so scared all the time and overwhelmed by this process. I am trying to be strong and everyone here has been great. I don’t know where I would be without this help. 

      Best wishes you for your your continued success.

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      You are very strong and amazing. This is a tough surgery. My surgeon told me I could only damage my knee if it fell on it. I am taking his word.

      I still Ice. It makes a huge difference. I also have a product that my daughter sells. It is Deep Blue

      Rub. It is amazing. I wake up in the middle of the

      night with my knee hurting and  I reach for the Deep Blue.  My daughter makes rubs for almost everything without using additives. Lisa has done her homework. I use her products for

      TKR often. It is safe to use.

      Look on like for the Deep Blue. I encourage you to try it for your knee pain.

      Good luck and God bless!

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      Another alternative is Voltaren Gel (RX in the US).  Great especially at bedtime.

      An artificial knee is very strong and will last 25 years...if you take care of it.  Check the list...

      Running and jogging are out since they exert too much force on the joint.  Anything that pounds or twists the knee is pretty much forbidden.  When I had my hip replaced, the doc told me that it would also last about 25 years...IF I gave up playing hockey.  Going back to the sport would have reduced the life of the hip to THREE years.  Same with the knee.  Take care of it and it will take care of you.  Everyone gets to make their own choices...  

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      Thank you smile I have broken down a little and started taking Advil now I will keep it at lowest point. But if it helps me with inflammation & pain could be a good combination to help me recover more easily in addition to low dose of Percocet 

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