Dizziness, imbalance, now tremors.

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I've been suffering from constant dizziness, imbalance and a general sense of "floatiness" since Apr 2015.

I've had seen doctors at ENT, Neuro, Cardio, Sleep Clinic and done a bunch of tests (blood/thryoid, brain MRI, neck ultrasound, sleep apnea test, VNG, hearing, ear checks, 24-hr ECG). All inconclusive. sad

In Mar this year (2016), I've also started experiencing mild tingles on my face and arms and went back to my neuro. To my dissapointment, he told me that the brain MRI done previously was the best possible test there was, and he could not tell what's wrong. He then ordered me a carpel tunnel test to address the tingles, and even that was unconclusive.

About a week ago, I started experiencing a constant sense of anxiety (that feeling in your gut when you get nervous) and constant trembling hands and muscle twitches.

What do I now, should I go back to my neuro?

What if he again dismisses the problem?

This is getting stressful and very fustrating.

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    There is a possibility you may have functional neurological symptoms. Tremors anxiety and dizziness are symptoms. There's a neurologist by the name of Jon Stone who explains this condition very well. You can get more of an understanding at neurosymptoms org. Hope this helps

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    Since you rulled out the usual I will suggest the unusual. Lyme disease. In your blood test did they check your Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D? If any of these are very low it can make you feel this way. I know most people have low vitamin D, but yours might be really low. If it is make sure they give you D3 and not D2 to get the number back up. So lets talk teeth…… I have read on a forum that people who still had their wisdom teeth and they were coming up gave them these feelings. Let’s talk neck…..How is your posture? My head is always leaning forward and it has caused the muscles in my neck to compensate for this and that has caused them to be strained which might cause dizziness. Look into SCM muscle conditions and lean a bit more about that. How about Migraines…..do you get them? My nuero thinks I have vestibular migraines and suggested Botox injections. Something for you to look into. Last thing I will mention is vertical Heterphoria which is an eye condition, so maybe look that up as well. I have been like this for 6 yr and the one thing you need to remember is all of these feelings will not harm you and don’t give it a life of it’s own. Try to keep busy and your mind off of things.
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      Thanks for all the pointers.

      Well, I'm not sure what exactly was tested for in the blood test, but I don't see anything about those things you mentioned in the report.

      I did specifically ask them if my thyroid was normal, and they said it was based on the test results.

      I was given 2months of Neurogen E by my neuro, which didn't help much though. sad

      I don't have any migrains prior to this, maybe the occasional headache or so. Neckwise, I work a deskbound job, so pretty much looking at a computer screen all day long. At home, I'm usually lying on my front in front of my laptop. Would SCM issues result in the twitching and tremors of the rest of the body?

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      I don't think the SCM would cause tremors but the human body is funny and reacts to things. So if the problem was your SCM which would make your neck tight, that might stress you out causing you to have tremors. Sometimes a reaction is from something else going on. Take a look at some of the things I suggested and try not to get you down. If you give the bad feelings a life of their own they will win, so don't let that happen.

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    Hi Hyien

    Sorry you are suffering...i was dizzy for almost 2 years. Turned out to be vestibular neuritis...quite common on this site. Floatiness or wonkiness as i like to call it over a period of time makes most people anxious. It is not a nice feeling is it?

    Do you feel as if you are swaying, being pulled to one side or like you are on a boat? Do you feel your eyes dont focus properly or that your head feels like it is stuffed with cotton?

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      Hey Debbie,

      Is there a specific test you did that got you diagnosed with vestibular neuritis? At ENT, they did a bunch of probes into my ear and ordered a VNG test where hot/cold air was blown into the inner ear among other tests.

      I don't really get a swaying feeling, more of a hangover or mild morning grogginess that just wouldn't go away.

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      I had the caloric testing done and the VNG etc. It was determined i didnt have hearing loss so was diagnosed with VN as opposed to Labyrinthitis. Vestibular rehab and antidepressants for the anxiety is what ultimately got me better.
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    I had a vertigo episode on march 7. landed me in the ER. I was left with all the same dizzy symtom. I had all the same tests done. all came inconclusive. I went to have mt ears checked, a hearing test etc. i'm still dizzy after all this time. with no end in sight! I can't afford the physical therapy yet. but I suspect that wont do any good. I just deal with this daily. sometimes people dont believe me. "dizzy? all the time? really? very frustrating

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      Hi mam,

      My mom is also suffering from same medical condition. Did u find any solution?

      If yes, plz share the details 

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    Was your mri done with contrast? Was it recent?
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      What's contrast? MRI was done about 10 months ago.

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      They put an injection into a vein in your arm. It allows subtle differences to show up. I am just thinking MS should be ruled out.
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      If mri is normal, and other tests inconclusive, it may be migraine, even without a headache. Migraine preventative drugs should be the next step. If one or two don't work within the next few months, the diagnosis should be revisited. Some have never had history of migraine, but may have family history.

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    Oh no sad    I hope that you can find another nero that may have a different opinion. If you haven't already done so.


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