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How fast does this spread to other parts of colon? Has anyone on here lived with this infection off and on for years if so how long? I had first infection Jan 2017 and then 10 months later I have another infection , has anyone else had them this close? Does it mean I will constantly have this infection close together, Has anyone had them (infections) close together and then they become farther apart ? Does me having two infections in 10 months mean I'm doomed for this all the time? How fast does this stuff spread? I appreciate your input.

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    My next door neighbour has had it for 20 years she said she just gets on with it 
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      But was her Diverticulitis  or the Diverticula-Diverticulos apparently the Diverticulsis which I have will always stay that :-( just trying to understand this thing!
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    I have had it since 2004 and have been lucky with few flare ups till this year when I had 4, Dr says it was stress related and I think she is right, although the specialist poohs the idea. Not sure if can spread but areas can get worse my sigmoid colon has gotten worse. When I feel the symptoms atarting I go on the fluid diet and it seems to help, the drugs make me feel so bad I try to avoid them


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      Drugs as in antibiotics?  Like I get that non stop deep hard pain just below the navel across then the next day I go to bathroom theres the blood and mucous. When that happens we can just try fluids for a few days and Tylenol for pain? Or does everyone do the antibiotics with ever flare, and just to make sure I understand "Flare" its means a repeated infection correct? 

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      Emma, was yours back in 2004 Diverticulsis or Diverticula ?
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    Some people have flare ups every couple months! I have about one a year but a friend of mine has several flare ups a year. I don’t think it means you will always be like this. Make sure when you are over the flare up that you don’t get constipated as straining is not good for this condition. 
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    To be technically correct diverticulitis is an infection of the diverticula which is all part of diverticula disease. When the diverticula are not infected or inflamed it is called diverticulosis. The diverticula are the pouches or tics as some call them, that develop on the intestinal walls due to a weakened area in the intestines. I am not a doctor but I have been living with DD ,diverticula disease, for 25 years. I have done a lot of research on the subject and watched a lot videos on YouTube and such. It is not the type of disease that spreads but rather develops slowly over time due to pressure within your intestines. Some say that using a proper fiber diet will help in slowing down the progression of the disease, as the bulk aids in lowing the pressure. If your having flare after flare then you need to look at your diet and perhaps look at the FODMAP diet. I’ve managed it pretty well for these years, so chin up. Hope this helps.
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      Thank you for explaining this in details makes me understand it much better. I will look at the FODMAP should I do the low one or the normal FODMAP? So I can't remember and I apologize in advance  but have you had the infection and taken antibiotics?  Is this FODMAP only for flares or one we should follow daily?


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      I’m not sure as I’ve just discovered the FODMAP diet myself, but during my gastroenterologist appointment last week he suggested I go on the low one. He also set me up with a nutritionist who specializes in the FODMAP dIet, but I won’t see her until mid December. 

      Yes I’ve had diverticulitis at least four times or more but this past time for me the antibiotics made me worse. 

      My understanding is that the FODMAP diet is used to get things under control and once you understand your triggers you can slowly start introducing things back into your diet.

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      I see , I have no ideal what my trigger foods are BUT I'm going to be MUCH more alert! I hope you can share what the nutritionist tells you if you don't mind that is. What do you eat daily now, do you do the fiber drinks? I haven't started that yet I take my last antibiotic tonight. 

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      Right now I’m waiting for surgery so my diet is limited. 

      I hope the antibiotics work for you and you get better soon.

      you can check out my story at


      I’m kinda the worst case senario for this dastardly DD. Don’t be scared it is a manageable disease, and everyone is different. Hopefully you’ll find a good doctor who understands this disease, but honestly do some research, knowledge is power and the more you know the better off you’ll be. wink

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      keep a food journal.  easy on phone to do as one ususally has it with them.  once you have a flare up you can usually pinpoint what caused it and avoid those foods.  i'm still fairly new to this but since antibiotics i have been feeling pretty good and reeating what i want with the exception of seeds and nuts (they scare me lol).  Colonoscopy Friday and hope all looks good.  Good luck!

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