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How Diabetes affects your life? Do people with Type 2 Diabetes have a shorter life span?

It still affects you if you keep your blood sugar level normal?

Could you tell me what food to avoid and what food is good for Diabetes?

Thank you!

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    With controlled blood glucose, you can live a very long time.  I know people who lived well into their eighties.  Unfortunately, you can do everything right to manage diabetes and still experience complications, or not.  As for diet and other matters, the best thing you can do for yourself and your health is to speak with a diabetes educator and a nutritionist.  Good luck to you on your wellness journey!
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    As a borderline diabetic myself and having just had a 'pep' talk from the practice nurse telling me to eat more carbs at every meal,  I am wondering how long it will be before the NHS acknowledges that the 'Eatwell Plate' that it recommends for diabetics is the worst advice ever.

    O'Level biology 60 years ago told me that all starch turns to sugar in the digestive system. The obsession with low fat and subsequent high sugar just couldn't be worse for blood sugar levels.  It's high time the NHS  swallowed their pride and acknowledged their mistakes.

    I learnt in O'Level biology that starch turns to sugar in the bloodstream.

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      Back when I had nutrition courses, we were taught  that you're supposed to have 68% Carbs 20% fats and 12% protein in your diet, but the Carbs are supposed to be complex carbs and preferably whole grains (with husks on or ground up into) basically. The trick is figuring out your basil metabolic rate based on your % of body fat, and activity level,.   from which your total caloric input can be determined.Then all you need to do is add up the calories from each of the three groups from the foods you plan to eat and always remember fats have a coefficient of 9 and..... yeah ... its just that simple ha ha..Yeah it all seems so simple till real life situations come into it.

      But there are some basic food things to know like ... all fruits are loaded with the kind of sugar that is considered to be a fast acting sugar, in other words they will spike your sugar quickly and then will be gone. Complex sugars like potatoes and pasta release their sugars slowly so it stays in your system longer and continues to raise your sugar longer. There is the old trick question - which will raise your sugar higher a 6 oz potato or a 4 oz brownie? The answer is the potato because the sugar is released over a far greater period and will cause your sugar to continue to rise. Whereas the brownie having a higher ratio of simple sugars to complex ones will quickly spike your sugar and then be gone. The best diet is one where you count your calories and space them out over say six small meals, as opposed to 3 large meals. The diet should contain Carbs from as much green vegetables as you can tolerate, the fats you consume should be from sources that are higher in HDLs than LDLs meaning more vegetable fats than animal fats like olive oil and peanut oil etc. as opposed to butter and lard. However,it is true that butter is better for you than margarine no matter from what vegetable the base oil comes from in the margarine. You see the vegetable oil in margarine has been hydrogenated. Your body has a harder time trying to break it down, so more gets stored in your fat cells as opposed to being used where it is needed. And the old info regarding egg yolks is out the door too, they have been found to be better for you than was previously thought... I have forgotten why though. And remember the lighter the color of the meat the better for you. excepting shrimp and lobster. They're both loaded with cholesterol believe it or not. Also remember that hot dogs ham and smoked sausages are also loaded with sugar as well as nitrates which are basically about as good for you as cigarettes. the nitrates that is.. And also think of snacking on nuts as opposed to junk food or even dried fruit, as the junk food is just empty calories, and dried fruit though loaded with vitamins, is full of concentrated sugar. 

      So hopefully I've given you some helpful real things to consider when trying to put together your dietary plan in your battle against diabetes. I hope it helps

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      Sorry that's Basal metabolic rate not Basil metabolic rate.... oops I guess I was thinking about that spaghetti sauce I was going to make later on he he he

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    There are several extremely good websites where you can get some really helpful advice. Sorry to say that this is not really one of them. They do not like anyone who disagrees with them.


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    My Gramma, a diabetic,  followed her Dr instructions and lived to be 109. My Dad , also a diabetic, didn't and  lived to be 77.

    As far as diet goes I would say you need to talk to a dietition, not all diabetics have the same diet. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Andreea , Diabetes is not curable disease but we can control and prevented by many ways. The main problem is Insulin. Two major problem in insulin secretion 1. Insulin secretion less or  no longer . 2 . Insulin secreted but it does not absorbed by body.  Then the blood glucose level will be high it lead to diabetes.

    The main problem  for Diabetes patient is controlling blood glucose level. In our food Carbohydrates gives Glucose to our body. So we should cut carbohydrates in our food. Instead of carbohydrates we can take Fat, Protein and fiber in our daily food. 

    By using this diet we can easily control diabetes.

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    I have tried one home medicine with very good results. In the evening I cut 3 or 4 bhindies, (lady fingers) and soak them in a glass of water overnight. Morning 1st thing , I remove bhindies from glass and consume water. Try it for 2 weeks
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      Ladyfingers is mainly carbs,17. Why would you drink that water? How many carbs does the water have. You need to count those as part of your 45 carbs allowed for breakfast. Are you trying to be funny?
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      51 to 68 carbs in water, really, does that make sense to anyone?
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    Well, I'm one of the newly diagnosed ones with Type-2 diabetes and I would never like to die early. So, I joined a diabetes community and people there told me only one thing, "Life is possible, all you need to do is take care of yourself". There were people who were talking about diabetes and how they are coping up with the condition. There is a life with diabetes possible and I'm going to live it!

    Also, as you asked the foods you should avoid, I found these blogs that mention so many of them:


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