Cold Turkey off 100mg Sertraline day 6

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I have read so many blogs and took the courage to go cold turkey myself, but it is different for me so I thought I should post a blog to help others.  It is day 6 off 100mg sertraline (been on them for two and a half years)

I didn'd understand what the brain 'zaps' were - I do now - it is like being connected to a very slight electrical current - not anything too bad smile  When I move I get a slight electrical feeling in my hands, I feel a bit like my reactions are slow (when I get up to move it feels like it takes a nanno second before my brain cathes up)  I am lucky as I am not working at the moment and have not children so I can take it easy.  I have had some great dreams and am sleeping a lot too.  My mood is ok and I am eating, slepping, looing and everything all ok.  Day 6 smile  shall post again daily - hope this helps others smile

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    Glad you are getting off of it ok. I had bad reaction on it even coming off it after 4 days it has made me feel so sick hardly eating and not sleeping and 3 days after coming off It I am still the same. Do not think it agreed with me.

    I think there should be more support groups.

    Best wishes


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      Hi Maggie - how long were you on it?  I have a job interview on Thurs !!!!!  Hope I seem normal to them !!!

      Good luck smile

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      Wow not long - and you felt bad going on and coming off!  It feels like my brain is trying to rewire its self today!  


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      Can  not imagine what you are going through. I have hardly slept all night and I do not work as I am retired must be really hard if you are at work.

      Hope your interview goes well.

      if you are having a hard day pm me and I will give you my email address will be good yo see how you get on. Are you on any tablets now or have your panic attacks gone.


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    Hello day 7 - so what can I say?  the electirc in my body has intensified.  Concentrating is not easy and I was very edgy this morning.  So far I have decided that as I am on day 7 I am going to continue.  I am fine - although I cannot say I am functioning normally at all- which suprises me!  I have no children or job that needs me to put anything but myself first and I have a partner that is fully supportive.  If I was not in this situation it might be a totally different story.  Sertraline?  If there were the same sensations going on the medication I would have questioned it a lot sooner.  It did help me in a time of great need.  But love and support would have done better.  If you are reading this - and I hope some are (I keep getting badges and emails from tis site since I posted which was not my intention) Sertraline is a very very strange thing and I am glad to be getting it out of my system.  Love and peace xx <3
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    Hi Victoria, Do I understand right ... you dropped the pill cold turkey and you are now on day 6!  You have guts ....  Dont you have any bad side affects like dizziness and burning hands and feet and nauseau.  I've been on 50mg for a couple of months and are slowly weaning myself off ....  I've actually cut the pill smaller and smaller until I now only takes a 1/4 every second day and stretch it out from here. Good to hear your mood is good and that you are sleeping.  I battle with the sleeping and take 1/5 zolpidem to help.  Hope you rock the weaning off and let us know how it went. XxX
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      Hi, I have been on 50mg sertraline for about 10 weeks and really want to bring myself off against doctors orders. Just wondering how you did it and any tips or things to expect.
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    Hi - it's about 16 days now!  And yes I did go cold turkey - I had read so much about cold turky vs coming of slowly and slowly seemsed to have just as many side affects but for longer so I just went for it.  Maybe I have been lucky and not had the vile side effects.  Seem to be ok - been through a lot of family turmoil while coming off to and seemed to be able to cope.  Glad to be responsible for my emotions again.  Up to me now.  How are you ?
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    Day 22 - Am I allowed to say this mr/Mrs Moderators?  Yes get in...... guess what - sex drive back and fullly operational again smile smile smile smile so hence feeling gooooood smile 
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    Wow ... so glad to hear you are feeling good .... biggrin  I'm now on day 13 with no setraline and day 5 with no sleeping tablet.  It's going ok, just the dizziness is getting to me.  Brain zaps galore !!  I must say, reading about your sex drive made me realize that I feel a lot closer to my hubby as well lately, which is on its own a good sign.  Just hope these zaps would dissapear.  It's nice to read about something positive like your script. .... stay well biggrin
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    I'm so grateful for everybody who shares their stories like this.

    I've been taking a small dose/50mg of Sertraline for about 9 months. It's worked well/as it should, but I'm concerned about my lack of motivation, fatigue and general apathy. I also want to be in a natural state as I prepare to try for a baby next year. I stopped taking the contraceptive pill in August and am on a bit of a health kick with supplements, yoga and taking a more natural approach to my health and well-being. I also had a full blood test which told me I was B12, Iron and Vit D deficient - all can contribute to low mood and depression. I've since been taking high grade supplements to bring my levels up.

    Taking Sertraline just doesn't sit right with me and, as a 25-year-old getting married this year, the total lack of sex drive is having a negative impact. I just don't feel like myself anymore. I'm a shell. I've had a very tough year and I think it felt like the only option when I was at my lowest. I just think its prolonged the 'moping' behaviour in all honesty.

    I've been experimenting with a day on and a day off and I feel so sluggish and irritable. I didn't take anything yesterday and just took half a tablet this morning. I might take half for a week or two and then go cold turkey. I don't see the point in prolonging it. I'm in a position where I work from home and have a supportive partner, so there's no time like the present. As long as I let my family and close friends know what I'm doing, so they're aware and will hopefully recognise if I need any 'intervention'.

    I'll try remember to update about my experience weekly, as I think this kind of information sharing is vital to others in my/our position. I don't feel GPs can always have our best interests at heart when they get 10 minutes a week with us.

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    Hi, I really hope people are still reading these! Ive been off sertraline cold turkey for about two weeks now and I have to say I am suffering. Im anxious all the time and although my sex drive has returned, my sleep pattern is messed up and im staying up all night and sleeping through the day. Im crying at absolutely nothing and keep feeling like I'm about to have a panic attack. The brain zaps aren't helping either. Any advice or anyone out there to lend an ear whilst I get this horrible drug out of my system? Im finding it hard to talk to friends and family about it as I feel they don't understand.

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