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Sorry to post this in here but i'm dying for answers, its driving me crazy. Basically about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety after weeks of chest pains and dizziness, i had 2 ECG's one at A&E and one at my doctors which both came back normal and then i had a stress ECG, which also came back normal. The chest pains and dizziness have come and gone now and again since 2 years ago but for the past 2 months i've had a bad patch of it, every day basically cant seem to shake this one off and now it seems to get me when im excercising as well, like going for a jog or on the bikes are the gym. So i went back to the doctors again last week and had another ECG done which came back fine, then went on a health test where I had an ECG done and a stress ECG done, both came back fine again but during the stress ECG i didnt have any chest pain, so maybe the ECG wouldnt of caught anything if i didnt get my usual symptoms? 

I'm worried sick i've got something wrong with my heart, i want to start going to the gym again but i'm too worried about it. Do I go back to the doctors and ask for more tests or is an ECG & stress ECG sufficient enough to put my mind at rest? I've now had 4-5 ecg'S over the past 2 years and two stress ECG, but i just can't get over it.

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    I just came across your email ,I have no experience or history on what your going throu ..But if you have had 5 ecgs and they are all saying your fine then don't worry your fine ! Sounds like bad anxiety to me ...try and calm down.Sounds like a simple blood test could rule anything else out or see what your bloods are? Have you been offered a blood test ..if you have any *real* medical issues this will be picked up on your blood test results. Thou your symptoms sound quite scary I'd be nervous to Good luck and try to  stop worrying 😜 and get a blood test .Let us know how you get on 


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      Yep i've had blood tests too! all came back fine except a bit of high Cholesterol. I should really tell myself that my hearts fine after so many ECG's and should just crack on its just a bit hard when the sysmptoms continue. ill just have to ignore the pains and get through it smile 
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    Well there could also be good reasons that are not cardiac. 

    1) Reflux disease/indigestion. Your cardiac sphincter at the top of the stomach mimics cardiac pains a lot. So did you exercise soom adfter eating. You could try gaviscon for example and then exercise and see if it makes it better.

    2) Intercostal pain. If the pain is sharp it could be the muscles between the ribs not liking the exercise. Cariac pain is very seldom sharp.

    How high is the 'high' cholesterol? What is your BP? How old are you/your BMI? Are you breathless? GPs have a computer programme that determines risk based on these things. If your chances are low based on those calculations - then it's no surprise that they are not too worried.

    If I were you, I would start keeping a pain diary for a couple of weeks. Note the kind of pain and duration - and exactly where it occurs. Does it stop quickly after exercise? I would never go through the pain! Exercise until you are mildly breathless and heart rate increased - but pain is never a good thing.

    The only way they could rule out angina/heart disease is if you have an angiogram. If your risk is low, then the NHS are unlikely to fund it. However, if it is reducing your quality of life - then I'd consider having one done privately. Only you can decide if it's worth it.

    All good wishes


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      thanks for the long reply florabunda! like you say theres other things it could be but obviously im just worried about the worst case scenario that its my heart! 

      to answer a few of your questions

      my chloestrol wasnt that high, just over but doc put that down to me just coming back from america and living off mayo for two weeks 😜

      BP is hit and miss, can be anything between 120/60, to 150/80

      nope i dont tend to get breathless during excercise, obviously only if im proper exerting myself but i dont feel like im out of breath more than i should be

      im 22 years old, male. 

      the nhs wouldnt even fund/offer me a stress test! they said theyre just leaving at the normal ecg so i went and paid for a bupa full health assessment with a stress ecg which all come back normal. if they wont offer me a stress ecg they're defiantly not offering me a angiogram. wouldnt echo scan be sufficient in abit more of a detailed look to put my mind at rest, the angiogram sounds scary 

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      I Am 24 years old ,I have done 3 ECG test ,troponin ,chest X-ray ,2d echo ,ct scans and they are normal but I still get this chest pain and dizziness .. I'm tired of this maybe I will go for endoscopy

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      Hello have u found anything yet? I'm 19 years old and experience the same symptoms. Plus left arm pain. Have had many many cardio work up. Seen 2 cardiologist so far and they both dismissed me. Help?! 

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      Alex... I will not dismiss due to age since I lost my nephew at Age 15 and a dear friend at Age 25 all due to the heart malfunctions. What you need to consider is a nerve test for the heart. Spasmodic nerves can feel like Angio and very uncomfortable pain. They check all nerves to the heart but with a disclaimer that since you're under when the test is performed that it could cause a heart attack. I had it done and all went well but they must make this disclaimer for your decision. They found the spasmodic nerve in the left ventricle which I take meds for twice daily for the rest of my life. You being 19...thats a long time if it may be the case. Genetically, we all have fail systems.. Our bodies are never perfect and things happen..just as in cancer, amblism , etc. If you're committed to it being the heart and not a coastal muscle or other medical issue , then find a cardiologist Who Will do the test.... It May cost you depending on good insurance under A PPO but finding a cardiologist to make that decision will be harder due to age. As I said, losing two people who were so young let me know that anything is possible and not to take life for granted along with doctors should make this decision for you.... not people who don't really feel your pain or experienced what you're going thru. I wish you the best in your journey to resolve.

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      Well I've never had any heart problems before .. my dr said if anything was majorly wrong wit me they would of found out already 😕😕 and are u talking about angina like pain ? If so isn't it called variant angina..?

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      How old r u by the way? 
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      And what's a long time ?..

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      Hi there. So I'm 42 years old and for the past week I've been having chest pains, palpitations, tachycardia and my left arm hurts. It started last Friday with me laying on my left side when I went to bed at night. My heart rate went up over a hundred and twenty and I got dizzy and thought I was going to pass out so my husband called 911. They dismissed it as anxiety so my husband took me to the ER anyways. After being there till 6 in the morning on Saturday and doing blood work to check my heart enzymes for heart attack, EKGs chest x-ray and being on monitors for observation they sent me home and said they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I followed up with my primary doctor on Tuesday and she gave me Toprol and told me to use it as a Band-Aid and take it when I had symptoms. My blood pressure is low and I have done my labs and they're all normal. The symptoms kept getting worse and now I get shortness of breath and chest pain as well as left arm pain. Last night I was driving and had to pull over the car for another episode. I went to the ER again and I was admitted to the hospital. They did an echocardiogram checked my blood work to see if I'd had a heart attack and for blood clots, did EKGs all night long want to check my blood pressure which this time it was elevated, got my heart rate going into tachycardia and back down again on the monitors all night long and did a nuclear stress test on me today. They still said they couldn't find anything wrong with me and sent me home. WTF?!

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      Did you go for the endoscopy? Did they find anything? I'm experiencing the same thing too!

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      Hello I’m also 19 years old and having the same symptoms . My chest pain won’t go away and it’s spreading through my left arm I’ve have several tests and ecgs done and they all come back normal . I was on anxiety meds but don’t feel like they were helping any . I also have heart palpitations now after being so stressed about it . I definitely understand where you’re coming from 
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      Hi Anglia,

      Do you know what the specific name for the heart nerve test is?

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