Can hemorrhoids affect stool shape?

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Okay so for about two years now I think I have what I believe to be hemorrhoids. I can see visible lumps upon inspection of my own bottom. Theu definitely appear to be hemorrhoids but I haven't had that confirmed by a doctor.

Symptoms I experience:

Sensation of pressure in the anus.

Some itchiness.

Can feel a lump when wiping.

Feel like it takes more effort to poo. (like I have to push harder, even though stool is soft) 

Never experienced pain or bleeding. 

The main thing I want to know is whether or not hemorrhoids can affect the shape of your stool? My stools appear to be normal shaped and thickness but then towards the end they thin out and become pointy. Also look at the texture towards the end it looks as though something is scraping up against the stool. Could hemorhoids be the cause of this? I read that colon cancer is the cause of thinner stools, but my stools are normal thickness it's just when it gets 3 quarters of the way, it begins to get narrower. And I'm in my early twenties so although cancer is a possibility, it's very unlikely. 

I just wondered if anyone had one had any knowledge on this?

thanks smile


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    I had a similar issue and went to a more plant-based diet, started using stress reduction techniques, and spent less time sitting down.  Even consulted a naturopathic doctor who recommended specific foods.  It took a month to clear up.  Get it checked out to rule out any worst-case scenario. 
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      You had a similar issue? What was it that was similar? 

      Did your stools thin out at the end? 

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      Yes. There was that similarity.  The doc checked to see if there was a polyp or obstruction.  That's why it is important to get checked to rule it out.

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      Nothing.  Better safe than sorry.  Going in before summer for another exam.
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    Hi Jakewoods!

    I am having this similar case and I have internal hemorrhoids! Prolapse! I am also kinda worry about it because sometimes I do have what you've experience. I am 20 this year.the thinning of stool happens at the ending of my bm.. I am really not sure 100% sure. But I did went to research and it says that Hemorrhoids ( internal ) can actually effect the shape of the stool like narrowing. Think shld get it checked soon. I am worry too!!! U are not aloen😟

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      Sorry Estella. I've only just seen your reply.

      I went to the doctors in the end and he told me that I had internal hemorrhoids. He gave me some suppositories called Scheriproct. 

      The suppositories didnt work. I still have all of the above symptoms that I mentioned in my first post. I'm thinking of going back to see a doctor again. 

      I doubt you will be checking back here but if you do. Let me know how you got on or of your situation has improved? 

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    I have created this account so I can reply to this thread, I have exactly the same problem and I'm mid 20s.

    I had a bout of high stress about 3 years ago and that's when it all started, I have felt and seen an internal hemorrhoid come out but that's only when I have to strain to go (when I don't drink enough), usually my stool is just a bit flat on one side and it takes a little more time to come out... No pain, no bleeding or anything.

    My diet has been the typical mid 20s diet of pizza and beer and my lifestyle has been as a software programmer.... So I'm thinking if I actually consume some fruit and fiber and use my gym membership this could all go away.... Fingers crossed.

    Please let me know how you guys get on


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      Hey Sonicmint.

      I don't check here everyday so bear with me. 

      Ive been doing all three of the above that you mentioned. Exercising 6 days a week with mostly weight training. Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fibre. It still hasn't solved my problem. Although it's definitely made my stools softer and bigger. I don't seem to get the thinning out at the end of the stool so much anymore. It still happens but not all the time. 

      I seem to have this chronic feeling in my anus that feels like there is a ping pong ball stuck up there. I tried over the counter hemmorhoid suppositories and cream. Didn't work. I even got a prescription from the doctor for stronger suppositories, didn't work. Still had the lumps when wiping. 

      I dont think its the hemmorhoids giving me this feeling though, although it might be... Another possibility that I have read up about is CPPS. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It's basically where the muscles in your pelvic floor region. The muscles that control urinating and pooing. It's when they go into spasm or if they're just sore or tensed. It can cause similar feelings and a pain/pressure on the backside. 

      I also notice that that no matter how soft my poo is. I still have to strain to get it out. Which is what makes me think it's muscular. Anyone else get this? 


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      I have exactly same condition as you. No kidding - exactly same.

      I nearly constantly feel pressure in anus or like a golf ball is in my butt, more precisely, near my but. My perineum feels swollen most of the time. I see some lumps around opening. The first poop comes out large and round with pointed end as you mentioned. It followed by  small pieces that look seriously flattened and like something scraped them. Sometimes initial stool is followed by soft one and that looks like big fettuccine, flat and wide.

      So, I went to a GI, who did segmoidoscopy, which he totally turned into nearly full colonoscopy. My colon is totally clean (and I am double of your age). I have some hemorrhoids, which [doc said] are nothing out of normal. He digitally inspected my sphyncster and found no problem. Although, I think, he never really looked at it, instead just inspected. I did self inspection and also didn't feel anything but looking at it tells a different story.

      Now, I noticed long time ago that after sex my condition worsens. One time recently, my wife and I happened to be home alone for a weekend. And we had sex 3 times with 2 times me maintaining erection for long time. On Monday I woke up with real sore pelvis and even pain in pubic area and of course around anus. My doc checked me out and declared prostatitis because he identified some blood in urine using dip test. And sent me to urologist. Urologist declared that he doesn't see any "raging prostatitis". So I kept on having these pelvic issues until I tired of it and scheduled app with colorectal surgeon. The guy was excellent. And after listening to me, to the symptoms that I currently had and the ones thet I have sometimes, he said, that he thinks what is happening, I have pelvic floor muscle disorder. Or, what you call CPPS, which is the same thing. He said that doctors used to define this as prostatitis while latest finding show that it is muscular issue. He explained that bladder and prostate are all part of this muscular system. And what I feel in the anus is just one big spasm. I screwed up and forgot to tell him about my flattened stool. He sent me to therapy.

      Just to put it into a time frame, ass pressure I have for many years. Sometimes I have remissions. While latest bout lasts for 2 months and this is in this period that I went to all these doctors.

      I have to agree with surgeon - there must be pelvic muscle issue for sure. I do have tendency to squeeze, from stress or whatever. But I am afraid that there is something else there as well. pelvic muscle disorder just doesn't explain flattened stool with tracks on it. May be a hemorrhoid that is not sticking out in anus? - i don't know.

      So, I am trying now to do every day pelvis muscle stretches. I also got prescription for MRI which wasn't approved by insurance company. May be I can find cheap cash MRI place (there are those).  

      Let me know if you have latest findings


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      Hi Tony,

      Have you got rid of swollen lump on anus? I have similar symptoms. Few years ago, I discovered anus tear which turned out to hemorrhoid later. Time to time, I had a problem with this hemorrhoid. Recently, I felt severe itching in my anus (though I was feeling time to time but never checked). I saw a swollen red mass on anus and its around is a bit puffed up. My insurance company does not cover all that is why I don't want to go to doctor as it is gonna be expensive ( I am shortly in USA). I think it has caused due to having hemorrhoid and I went to gym recently which might worsen its condition. But no blood and pain as I used to have during worsening time of hemorrhoid. I feel very uncomfortable when I walk (nothing when I sit), and I am worried if that may be other health problem than hemorrhoid. 

      If anybody having hemorrhoid and experienced such problem? I have narrowed stool as well and it is already a month that I observe it


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      I feel your pain. No, I have not resolved the problem. I feel, I am for a long ride with it. My physical is soon. We'll see. Insurance denied MRI 2 times.

      For you, if this is hemorrhoid, try "preparation h", see if you have temporary relieve. If yes - this is hemorrhoid. Treat few times a day. Don't lift in the gym from standing position. Hemorrhoids have tendency to come and go. If you go to doctor, ask about medicine called "procto foam". One time I had real hemorrhoid and I treated it with procto foam, it did something to it, Hemorrhoid opened up during bowel movement and few days later it was gone.

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      Problem is mostly solved. I went to pelvic floor muscle therapy. As result, I am mostly free of any pain/pressure there. No more golf ball in @$$. Really feel like new. Mostly this is some stretches. Look for pelvic floor release exercises on . But there was also what my therapist calls "internal work". She puts her finger into your @$$ and puts pressure there for 3 minutes in one tight location at the time. I had only 3 of these and things started to improve. Recently I had recurrence of pain as I put a glove and some olive oil and did it myself. To my amusement, soon pain was gone. Because there was pain, pressure, pain shooting into penis. She was listening to me and she told me, it all was classic pelvic floor issue. She also told that people have issues pooping and peeing.

      But flat stool still exists. An I totally think, it is shaped by anus and hemorrhoids.

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      Hey Tony. I came to the conlcuision that it was definitely muscle related. I found ways to ease up the tension in my pelvic floor region. I never really have the ping pong ball being stuck up there kind of feeling anymore. Maybe occasionally, but way less now. 

      First off. I found to stop watching porn and take it easy on the masturbation. Don’t be having massive amounts of sex either. Stop it temporarily if you can. You might notice a difference. You’ll notice that when you’re stimulating your penis that you might get this feeling of your muscles in your pelvic region spasming. This is called an involuntary Kegel. You need to eliminate them. Relax your pelvic floor as much as you can. Do pelvic floor stretches. (Some of them will feel amazing, especially the “child’s pose”)

      let me know how things are. 

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      Hi Jake, thanks for sharing. I'm having a very similar experience on both fronts and I'm freaking out. I'm almost convinced it's colorical cancer or some kind of a tumor or something. .basically I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy about 8 months ago. it came back mostly okay except for some colon lining irritation and some internal hemorrhoids. .ever since then I had something like irritable bowel syndrome. but the reason I'm here today is i also have CPPS, and then the last couple of weeks I'm having trouble passing gas like it's stuck behind my anus like a tennis ball. I do manage to pass bits and pieces of gas but not a lot. . no I'm very concerned because I'm noticing an indent or a Groove in my stool. like the size width of a thumb if you intend the stool. so my pelvic floor muscles are always acting up and now this is causing pressure on both ends. I'm just flipping out and thinking the worst. and I don't think going for another colonoscopy so close to my last one is a good idea. any insight?


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      sorry I meant to say Tony not Jake.

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      Max, I would say this. If your condition improves one day, worsens another. And goes on, back and forth - this is not cancer or something like that. Those conditions only get worse with time. You most likely have constant spasm in your anus. Actually, I've read looooong time about it. Some dude recommended periodic sphincter stretches. I was like, "what?". But so ironic. This is exactly what is needed. He was writing about men tendency tensing up there from stress.

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