Burning sensation during sex

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I'm 20 years old and I've been having this burning sensation during sex for almost 2 months now. It all started in the beginning of May, when i had a vaginal yeast infection (it happend for the first time in my life and before that I didn't have any problems with my sex life). I went to my gynecologist and I was prescribed Gyno Dactarin (vaginal globules and cream). All the symptoms were gone in a couple of days and my yeast infection was cured. But when my boyfriend and I tried to have sex (couple of days after the treatment), I was feeling burning pain and therefore we had to stop. I went to the gynocologist again and she send me to dermatologist because I had a inflammation of my external genitalia (vulva). She prescribed Locoidon cream which I used for 7 days and then I went to the doctor again to make sure that everything is O.K. Everything looked fine, but when I tried to have sex, the burning sensation was still there (it is present mostly at the opening of the vagina and in the beginning, I also often feel sort of a tightening feeling during thrusting). I went to the gynecologist for 2 more times, but everything looked fine and there was no infection or inflammation, so she didn't do anything about it. She just suggested that we should wait for a couple of days before having sex again and that I should use some lube. We did all of that (we even had a break from the sex for more than 2 weeks), but nothing seems to help and the lube only reduces the problem a little bit, but the burning pain is still there. I should mention that we don't use condoms, because I'm on the pill, but we did try to use them and it didn't make any difference. I really don't know what to do anymore, so I was wondering if any of you had any idea how to get rid of this problem. 

Thanks for the comments smile

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    Are you having any other symptoms such as burning w no sex, itching, discharge, tingling sensation, etc?

    One, I recommend going to see a difference GYNO, she is failing at her job massively.

    Ask to be swabbed for herpes and also get a full panel STD test done and ask for herpes blood test as well. Your bf should do the same thing.

    Did they test you for bacterial vaginosis?

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      No, no other symptoms, just burning sensation during sex and for some time after. 

      I actually went to the different gyno and he also said that everything looks normal and healthy. 

      They didn't test me for any other diseases because I don't have any abnormal symptoms. And I don't think that it could be STD, because my boyfriend is my first sexual partner and I am also his so we've only been with each other. 


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      Maybe I should mention that I also noticed that I don't get as much aroused and wet as I used to and my boyfriend said that it all feels a little tighter down there. I don't know, maybe I am experiencing vaginal dryness because of the pills or it is because I am a bit nervous and not completely relaxed every time we have sex now, because I am constantly worrying about that burning sensation. But some lube should probably fix that, but it doesn't make very much of a difference. 
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      Wow where do you live that doctors would not test, just because you may not have other symptoms, being that most STDs of any kind can be asymptomatic? That is insanity to me .

      Did they test you for bacterial vaginosis at least?

      Don't forget most people have cold sores when they were kids and don't have any as adults. Ieal heroes can spread to the genital area through oral sex. Not saying that's what it is, just saying, because you need to be strapped w knowledge.

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      I know it is annoying, buy I would try to find another fe.ale doctor and younger one at that. They tens to listen better than the males and the older females.

      There is always a chance you're having a reaction to his semen, but you said it happened w condoms and w lube. You could even have vulvadynia... Either way, don't give up finding an answer. I've been through a similar situation over a decade ago and it took yrs to get answers w multiple doctor's

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      No, I didn't get tested for anything. Maybe I should really find another doctor but I am tired of going from one doctor to another and everyone says that everything looks just fine. It's really frustrating. 

      May I ask what situation were you in? 

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      10yrs ago the same thing was happening to me, but more itching a long w it too, but it turned out I was allergic to latex and none of the doctors asked if we were using condoms, because I was married at the time.

      BV can make it painful during sex and so can yeast, but you state you're not having anything else, so it. Makes me question if it's one of those issues like vulvadynia, buy you have stated you are red and swollen dkwn there, so I'm at a loss.

      The situation I'm in now, is I contacted herpes a yr ago... Yaaahhme! Lol...

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      No, I'm not red or swollen down there, everything looks normal. Is it possible to get Vulvodynia just like that, for no apparent reason? And is it even treatable? 


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    I'm a bloke, so I can't speak to you as a woman might, but I would very strongly advise you to see your GP again, and to ask her/him to refer you.  Explain the disappointing results from your gynecologist's advice - you say 'my gynecologist', which of course may imply you've already been referred - if that is the case, then I guess you might ask to be seen by someone different - sorry, but I have no idea how things have gone for you in this regard.  But I imagine it might be necessary for both you and your boyfriend to be seen.  This is the best I can do.  If my daughter were to come to me with such problems, I would advise her the same.  It must be very distressing indeed.  Good luck.  I hope all goes well for you.

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    Today I went to my gyno again but he said that everything looks normal, there is no discharge, no inflammation, infection, wounds etc. So, nothing new. He was a little confused, and when I asked him if it is possible to have any other disease that wouldn't show any symptoms he said that it is highly unlikely and he didn't even consider taking some test to be sure. He said that the most logical explanation for him was that I am a bit irritated from yeast infection and the treatment (but that was like, almost 2 months ago) and that I probably just need time to heal completely. He suggested different oral contraceptive, cause it is possible that that would cause vaginal dryness and painful intercourse (but I never had any problems with my current one, at least not before the candida). And that I should wait for a couple of months to se if anything gets better. I am now considering seeing different gynecologist. Again rolleyes
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      Did you mention vulvadynia to him? It took me five yrs to get diagnosed, many don't know about it. They prescribed me a medicine that used to be used for depression, that they found rwtrains nerve paths that keepa firing signals of irritation and pain, when there is no reason for it. I would try to Google a GYNO in your area, that has expertise in vulvadynia
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      Do you by any chance remember the antidepressant you were prescribed? Thank I'm desperate.

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    Hey kat1234- did you happen to find a cure to the burning?
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    I am going through the same thing right now! I haven't tracked exactly when it started but it's been months for sure. I think it started with a yeast infection. And when me and my boyfriend tried having sex after it was treated, the burning sensation was really bad and I couldn't get nearly as aroused or wet as I normally would. Nearly every time we have tried to have sex since then I've had the burning sensation in varying degrees. Some levels are tolerable and barely noticeable, and sometimes I have to stop it. I've noticed also that within the past couple of weeks my vagina has been itchy and uncomfortable, almost like I'm havi the first signs of a yeast infection but it isn't getting any worse or better. If you guys know what this could be please help! (I should also mention that I got a full panel test before my current partner and we've been together for 2 years and he hasn't been with anyone else so I don't think it's an STD)

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      Oh gawd, sorry to say this but...... I am so glad I am not the only one

      I'm 26 and have had the same issue on and off for a couple years rolleyes all had been fine until about 2 weeks ago. I felt like a yeast infection was going to happen so I diy home remedies and feeling went away

      Now yesterday and tonight I tried having sex with my husband and the burning was terrible.

      It's like the first minute he's in it's cool and feels fine but when we stop to switch positions orrrrrr think we hear the kids 😫 And we start again I feel like my vaginal walls are on fire !

      Also I have to grab a glob of coconut oil and insert it and put around on the outside when starting because since it started even though I'm mentally aroused i cannot to save my life get wet enough for him to insert with no pain sad hope you find an answer soon!!!

      I can't say I have even tried.

      I keep saying I'm scheduling an app with dr to see why Ifs happening but I get embarrassed to talk to her about it so the furthest I have gone is to get tested for std which I'm always negative so I figure I'll be ok.

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      You can try ice to numb and if there is swelling it will go down with that too and make sex a bit more bearable


      Just try to not to focus so much on the pain and let the pleasure take over that way u can deal with pain afterwards with ice as well

      That is what I do and it helps but I came here for answers and well we all are pretty lost 😕

      Will be following post hopefully one of us can find a good reason why we all have this bad burning pain.

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