Blurry vision when i wake up, but improves throughout the day

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Hi,over the past few weeks, I have noticed that my vision has not been as good as it was when I was younger (20/20). When I wake in the morning, the vision in both my eyes is blurred..or cloudy . It is worse in my right than my left. It gets better throughout the day. My right eye is also very watery in the mornings.

I do have anxiety as I am going through a stressful time in my life. Could this be another physical symptom or something worse..I have done a bit of research, and even though most of it was not serious,I did find that it could be a sign of a brain tumour. This has made my anxiety worse.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I might get an appointment to get an eye test done and see what they think it is...

Thanks, Jack

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    Could be dry eye as these are some of the symptoms. Even the watery eye can actually be from dry eye. Google dry eyes. Xx also mgd/blepharitis.

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      Thanks for your reply, I thought it was dry eye myself. I don't know if this would affect it, but I do use my phone before going to sleep. I'm on eye drops for allergies, as well, could it be my allergies?

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      Yes probably could be allergies also,or both. Best to just get an eye exam by an optometrist or opthamologist, not an optician.
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    Ask specifically for them to look at the small glands that are on the rims of the eye. Both upper and lower. Eye docs often dont check them and miss one of the leading causes of dry eye. Mgd. These are not the tear ducts but meibomian glands. And i bet i spelled that wrong lol.
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      You are welcome. Im going through this right now. My first eye doctor did not find it. Took 2 apts. Xx
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      Im in the U.S. i go to a hospital clinic. Just dont go to a place that just does vision checks for glasses like an optical store.
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      I'm in Ireland...I could be months getting an appointment...I might be quicker if I go to my normal doctor first

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      Oh and I'm only up 2 hours and my eyesight is not blurred anymore. Could it be my pupils dialating ( bad spelling) in the dark and then slowly when I let light into the room?

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      Good place to start. Hope your vision gets better soon. Mine has made me quite anxious lately. Until then try some of the remedies on the net also. Some are quite simple and dont cost a thing. They might help.
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      You also could be sleeping with your eyes not fully closed,causing the dry eye in the morning. Thats supposed to be a dry eye caus also.
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      In the UK the NHS take eye problems seriously. I tried Boots opticians

      when I had a problem a bit similar to yours last year. They did not want to know although I had my annual eye test there the week before. I phoned the local hospital and explained the problem and asked if I should go to A&E. The operator put me through to the eye clinic who said to come along the next afternoon but that I might have a long wait.

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      Hi Derek, thanks for the reply. Did you find out what was wrong? I plan on going to my GP in the next few days if it does not improve
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      I woke up as if short sighted in my left eye. Near things were out of focus say to pavement level but distance seeed OK. It more or less righted itself in a few days but comes back at times.

      Their diagnosis:

      "The “Non-Arteritic” Form of AION

      The second form is the “Non-Arteritic” Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAAION). It is the most common form of AION and generally has a better visual outcome than the arteritic form. Studies have indicated that NAAION can affect a patient at any age with about 10% of patients being under the age of 45. Both males and females are affected equally. NAAION is caused by an acute impairment to the circulation of the arteries supplying the optic nerve. This transient poor circulation occurs due to a temporary fall in blood pressure to the point that there is not enough blood pressure to fully perfuse the vessels supplying the optic nerve. There are many mechanisms for this fall in blood pressure, and it can be caused by a variety of different factors".

      I tended to put it down to taking my BP meds at night.

      I have now had a rather similar problem in the right eye over the past two weeks. It seems to be CSR as they mentioned symptoms of that in their last report.   

      CSR occurs when fluid leaks from the choroid layer beneath the retina and builds up.  The fluid leakage in the macula produces symptoms, including blurred vision.  The condition is usually temporary and most frequently occurs in just one eye.


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      I have had my blood pressure checked by my doctor 2 weeks ago, after feeling pains in my chest ( turned out to be pulled muscle )..she said it was perfect. I have an appointment for an optometrist, I'll see what they have to say.

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      I forgot to eyesight is fine for things that are close, it's objects that are far away that look blurry

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      That could just be that you need to have your eyes tested because they have changed slightly, which they do.

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