Bleeding after Urolift

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Hi all,

I had a Urolift performed Tuesday morning. The doctor said he put 6 lifts in and on the last one it hit a blood vessel. They sent me home with a huge 20fr indwelling catheter. The first day a good bit of blood in the urine, second day no blood at all, but upon waking this morning there was kool-aid colored urine in the bag and on and off through the day. They had the huge catheter pulled to tight and blood started seeping out from between my penis and the catheter yesterday, so I changed the position with a cathsecure hold, extention with a leg bag around the calf. Feels better but the catheter is so damn big it is hard to position right and after some movement it will seep a little blood again. I put a little neosporin around the tip of my penis and to lubricate the catheter a little. 8 months ago I had an indwelling catheter in for over a month which wasn't nowhere near as bad because it was 14fr but this monster is so awkward. How long is bleeding normal after a Urolift? The instructions they sent me home with said some bleeding for 3 to 5 days is normal. I think the huge catheter is causing most of the bleeding due to rubbing and irritation. I have to have it in until Monday, sure hope the bleeding stops by then. The doctor said all went well with the exception of hitting the blood vessel and the large catheter was needed to avoid getting blocked with clots, etc. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone that has had the urolift procedure or has knowledge of it. Thanks much! Riggs

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    I've had 26 fr and the clots were way larger than the catheter, the nurse called it spasms RIGHT!

    This uro who hit a blood vessel, did he/she apologize and not charge?

    No urolift here , only 1 PVP n 3 TURPS.

    I'm 76, 210 n take no drugs of any kind.

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      Hi Sansrx, wow you have been through a lot. How long did you have the 26fr in for? That must have been hell.

      Thanks Riggs

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    Riggs so sorry for you.  He may have put in the larger catheter because he know you were going to bleed a little more then most.  When I had mine done 3 years ago I had 4 clips put in.  2 on each side.  I had a catheter in for 3 days in the 3 days I had a lot of bladder spasms which made the blood come out around the catheter.  I only had a 14 Fr at that time   After it was removed I had no blood in the urine and I was good to go in a week. Sometime when they put them in they do not pay attention.  I had one one time that they did not make enough  of a give on the tube.  It keep pulling my penis down where in cut the hole and made it bigger.   Just relax and take it easy  Ken  
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    Those catheters can be VERY uncomfortable.  I ended up taping my penis against my leg in the most comfortable position so it wouldn't pull so hard on the tip.  That helped a great deal as I moved around.  Even so, the tip of my penis was tender for 3 or 4 months afterward.

    Best of luck to you.  Everyone on these boards knows or can very much appreciate the pain and discomfort that goes along with any of these procedures.  Hang in there as best you can.


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    I had bladder stones and Urolift w/ 4

    Clips. Catheter for 2 days but don’t remember size. There was lots of blood at first in bag. A lot of urine and blood did seep out of penis alongside catheter  once .

    That did freak me out a little but I played with position of catheter a little- pushed it into bladder just a touch and it seemed to help. I kept lots of bacitracin on penis for lubrication too. After 2nd day they had me take it out at home in

    Shower. Lots of blood then too but very very simple to remove-1 second and no discomfort at removal.   Good flow w/o

    Catheter immediately but bleeding took probably a week or so to go away. Over 8 months ago now.  Hang in there. Tom

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    Hi all, thanks for all your responses it is much appreciated. I am on day 4 now and what is concerning is why day 2 there was no bleeding but a good bit on day 3 and so far again today? The other real problem I am having is the best way to position the catheter, hold and leg bag. I had a way figured out back when I had the 14fr in that worked well but it seems to be a problem with the large 20fr, not working so well. I researched the heck out of this but the info is very conflicting. If anyone found good placement for these items that minimized irritation and discomfort, I would appreciate your help. Thanks Riggs
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      Riggs  It all depends on the doctor what kind he uses.  When I had my Urolift  you know I had a stricture.  You use a 14F coude catheter.  That was the first time I had one in.  It was OK but there was a lot of movement on it.  I used a leg bag bleeding but was clear.  No bleeding after it came out.  The next time.  He put in a 18f because the Urolift gun they use is bigger and I was open so he but in a bigger one because the stricture was bigger.  That is the one that pull on the penis and made the hole bigger.  2 years after that I had a repair done that was fine but I went on my blood thinner a few days after the repair let the doctors told me to.  A week later I got up and went to the bathroom  All I bleed was blood.  Ended up  having to have emergency surgery to see what was causing the bleeding.  I would not let him touch me until he sign a paper saying that my prostate was not to be cut for any reason.  This was not my Urologist.  Iy took me 30 minutes to get him to sign it and the nurse was a witness.  It turned out to be 3 blood clogs on my prostate.  He burned them and I think he was mad at me he put in a 28F catheter because I had to have a flush to get ride of the blood.  I was in bed for 3 days with Iv's saline It was very pain full coming out.  I stayed off the blood thinner for 2 weeks.  Urolift is great now still wide open  Take care and just relax  Ken     

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      Had a number of Foleys in over a 5 week period healing from radiation for prostate cancer, now cured. I developed a technique that worked to make the Foley experience very comfortable. First, I had my underwear padded with toilet tissue so the penis was lying on its side and kept the point of insertion of the drainage tube into the tip of the penis constantly lubricated with neosporin. Next, I taped the drain tube to my right leg using a couple of white butterfly sticky pads that the nurse gave me. The pads allow the tube to be exactly positioned so there is no tugging on the tip of the penis. With the tube in place and lubricated the entire experience can be very comfortable. For the first few days the tip of my penis was irritated, but that irritation went away. It was nice to be able to sleep at night and not have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom - only had to get up once per night to empty the leg bag. Also, during the day it was nice to not have to be looking for a bathroom all the time. 

      I also learned how to remove the catheter myself, avoiding yet another trip to the doctor's office. 

      Hope this info helps...


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      Hi Tom,

      what position was your penis in perpendicular to the body (basically go 90 degrees to the side) or pointing down but over to one side?  where was the urinary bag placed on the leg, thigh, calf front or side there of? how much slack in the catheter before securing it to your leg and to front or side?  So many variations to this and not sure how to best do it with this large catheter.  Thanks much!  Riggs

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    Had six dealies inserted too. That meant six in and outs with the single shot gizmo that does the work.  Bled a lot but used to blood.   Its worth it though...2 1/2 years after Urolift I'm peeing and coming like a teenager and recently had the most intense orgasm of my life and I"m 73yo.

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      Good evening River. That is glad to here.  I'm going on 3 years next month.  My Urolift is great.  Have a great day  Ken 

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    It's possible that the bleeding is not caused by the Urolift, but by the catheter abrading the inside if your urethra. The Neosporin will help. Apply it several times a day after you clean the area with a cotton swab covered with a 50% solution of peroxide and clean water. Keep the catheter tube loose.


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      You may have very little from the Urolift but most of the blood is coming from the catheter.  Like Neal said.  That is a very good idea to keep Neosporin around the tip.  When I had a catheter I used a water base lube around the tip and on the tube.  It helps in the morning if you get what I'm saying.  The blood should be gone in a few days or so.  All men are different  Good luck  Ken

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    I had my Urolift  procedure yesterday morning. My urologist found a lot of bladder stones that he took care of at the same time. He sent me home with a catheter. He scheduled me to come in Wednesday to have the catheter taken out, but I am still passing a lot of bright red blood. I'm wondering if this is normal. 

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      I had my Urolift done about 16 months ago. There was lots of blood for first few days. Catheter was in for 2 days. Got gradually less over a period of about a week. Collection bag for catheter was

      Pretty red the whole time I had it in.  Call

      The office if you are overly concerned though. 

      All the best


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      Eddie when I had my Urolift done I had a catheter for 3 days. The first day I did have some blood.  I had a few bladder spasms which I had blood coming out of the tip.  But you also had some stones that you are going to have some blood.  After the catheter came out  I was fine.  Been 3 1/2 years and still wide open.  Give yourself some time.  Good luck  Ken 

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