Acheing pain on my left side of my chest

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Ok it’s been about a week from today and I’ve been experiencing problems with my chest, and I’m worried I have not been to see a doctor for a very long time and that’s because I never really have anything wrong with me. This pain feels like a dull ache on the left side of my chest, and it lasts up to 30 sec then goes away and then comes back. I don’t have any history of heart problems. Even though I haven’t been to the doctor in a while I know that I’m healthy because,  I eat healthy,  i Exercise , and drink nothing but water. I’m not sure what the problem could but if it lasts much longer I’m going to have to take a trip up to the doc. If anybody is experiencing kinda the same problem I am or have can you please respond back thank you.

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    How old are you? Male or Female?

    How severe is the pain?

    Does it hurt when you press/massage your chest muscles?

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      Ok so I’m 17 years old male, and I just checked to see if it hurt when I pressed down and massaged my chest and it didn’t really feel any pain. It only hurts for a few seconds and goes away sometimes for an hr and comes back. The pain on a scale from 1-10 would me 1 and sometimes 2, but it’s  noticeable.
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    Do you have a history of heart disease in your family?  What are your blood lipid numbers?  Blood Pressure?  Heart Rate?  When you say you "eat heathily" what does that mean?  Many people believe that low-carb, high-fat is healthy, but depending on your genetic disposition it could be pretty unhealthy, etc. Does the pain come on when exercising?  These are all questions a physician would look at to determine whether the pain requires additional scrutiny, a stress test, ECG, etc.

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    hey there! are you able to provide a little more information on this? Off your vague comment, it sounds like it's very similar to mine. My chest pain has lated 7 weeks now (I went to the doctor and I'm still undergoing tests). I've been having left sided chest pain that comes and goes (like what you had addressed), also feels like a dull ache and sometimes can turn into a stabbing pain and will occasionally travel to the right hand side. The pain is reliavtely near my sternum, but just shortly before my boob and Is pretty much localized to one spot. Sometimes I will be pain free for a week and a bit and then it'll come back. Mine is not elevated with physical execration etc... Any of this sound similar to you?

    As of right now, I'm under going tests for hyperthyroidism, pericarditis and just seeing if it's a bad case of anxiety. I can update you further, but let me know if this sounds similar to you. I did do 3 blood work tests and 2 ECG's all of which i guess are normal (I haven't heard otherwise) but I strongly encourage you see a doctor as soon as possible! do not take a chest with chest pain. it's probably nothing, but don't wait it out like it did!!!  If it hurts to touch you may have costochondritis, or if you generally feel sore it could be a musculoskeletal issue. but still go get checked out!!

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    Ok everyone I really  appreciate everyone’s comments, and I will update you guys to let you know what’s going on. Ok so When I was a baby I had acid reflux problems and I still do, now I’m not sure if that’s the problem because I have yet to visit a doctor. My diet consists of school food and the food that my parents cook me. The school food I have been eating lately has been  spaghetti which has tomatoe sauce and the tomatoe sauce causes acid reflux, but I’m not sure that’s it. Also my parents cook really healthy meals, such as steak, crab, ribs, eggs and bacon etc... you know the  usual. I checked my blood pressure and it was 116 over 83 so it was pretty good. Like I said I drink NOTHING BUT WATER and I haven’t had a soda for like 3 months, I eat salad and all kinds of vegetables like, carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes...etc. I also used to lift weights but stop like 2 months because of school I can’t focus on multiple things at once. The chest pain hasn’t gotten worse but it also hasn’t gotten better. Now it’s not bad like oh I’m dying, but it’s like your little brother or sister  aggravating you all day. My doesn’t have any heart problems and my aunt and my moms mom doesn’t, so I can’t see me having problems.  
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    I am a 26 year old male and healthy as can be. I do have a family history of heart disease, but I don't think that's what this is. E My chest pains start from my sternum area and around the lower left breast and would radiate to the other side of the breast and around the start of the ribs. The pains ranges from 1-2 (the weakest) and 2-3 (the most 'painful'wink from a scale of 1-5 that I have experienced. I have noticed that it also radiates to the back right behind my left chest. Have you experienced this? I've had these pains as far as I can remember dating back to 2010 or maybe further. I narrowed it down to be the cause of carrying a heavy backpack or messenger back that I would slung on one shoulder. I even came to a morbid conclusion that it could be male breast cancer, but I just don't see/feel any of the symptoms that come with male breast cancer. It's still in the back of my mind though. I also considered that it could be a cyst that causing nerve/muscular pain, but I don't feel any lumps. Currently and as I'm typing this up, I've been having the aches, I like to describe my pains as dull aches, for days now and it doesn't help that i have a cold and have been coughing. Mine comes frequently as well. I think I've gone as far as a week or weeks where I don't have them. But when they occur, they occur almost daily and can last almost a day; it will literally drive me nuts and make me super stressed and anxious. Stress and anxiety could also be the cause of this since I've read that stress and anxiety can result in body aches and pains. It doesn't help that I'm a natural born paranoid/hypochondriac, so I'm never relieved from any stress and my job also is stressful.

    I've been going to the gym regularly and have been working especially my chests. I've noticed that I don't have the aches when I'm exercising no matter how rigorous. But, I will always have some kind of sensation maybe from muscle recovery. But I will have the aches during my rest period and it will always be on my left side. I've never had and real sensations on my right chest/breast. No matter how much I touch/press/massage, I can ever really induce or replicate the aches. They just happen. Although lately, I have been testing it and when the aches occur around the rib area, I noticed that I being a specific position will cause and stop it, but it's never all the time so it's inconclusive. Back to my cough, I've read that viral infections like a cold can cause chest sensations like your nerves, so to add to my aches which I'm currently experiencing, I now have tingling and nerve sensations mostly on my left chest and breast which i feel shooting tingles like electricity right to the nipple. I have concluded that the tingles/prickles are affecting both my right and left chest because I do feel it on my right but very uncommon, mostly on my left.

    So yea, I have had multiple x-rays and blood tests all which came back normal, so my physician referred my to a neurologist. I hope to find some answers soon since I just set up an appointment. I really hope to hear back from you and see what your doc tells you. Sorry for the word vomit. I just really needed to describe all that I’ve experience to hopefully validate my experience with others that have dealt with a similar situation.

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    Anu update as I am also experiencing this.... I was at the doc and was asked to do ECG which came back normal and still having the dull pain. It started as a sharp pain on my right side, which later went down and now have the dull on the left side. Was given some antibiotics then, which lowered it but it's still there coming and going.

    I just don't want to keep taking cipro. I need answers.

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