3 Cardiologists with different opinions. IM TERRIFIED

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so I've been getting chest flutter-like feelings in my chest since I was about 14 years old. I am 20 years old now and currently attend Tulane University. I went to my doctor in November for a checkup and told her about these chest flutters and she said that she heard a murmur. She decided to give me a echo cardiogram and i was told everything came back normal. About a month going after playing volleyball, I was driving and it felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest all of a sudden. I drove to the ER and they did blood work, EKG, and a chest X-ray and told me everything was normal.

I then went to a cardiologists and he told me he may have seen evidence of WPW syndrome on my EKG reading. I then went to get two more opinions and both other cardiologists said they do not see that evidence and one of them placed me on a 30 day event monitor. I press a button when I feel a symptom and I get called from his office if they see anything serious. Ive had the pounding heart rate while on it (which my parents think is anxiety) and I have not gotten a call. I am now on day 29/30 of the event monitor. So far I've gotten 3 chest x-rays, an echo cardiogram last November, blood work, and many EKGs. Could my arteries have been blocked from November to now? I get dizzy throughout the day and get chest flutters daily. Should I be this worried? I am constantly fearing for my life daily.

Thanks for reading. 

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    Hi Albert,

    You and I seem to be in a similar boat. I hope other people who are experiencing these episodes will find this thread and join the conversations. I've looked at other discussions and everyone seems to have the same feedback from their doctor: "You're fine, nothing is wrong." Which sounds great, but certainly doesn't provide much peace when your body feels like it's telling you the opposite.  I am a female, in my early 40s. I have felt irregular heart beats, on and off, probably for the last 20 years. It never really bothered me because when I experienced them, it was quick and maybe one episode every couple months, if that. I know that is common and normal for most people. However, over the last couple years I have been experiencing them more frequently.. several episodes a day, several days a week, and sometimes several episodes in an hour. I have seen seen several cardiologists, and took a trip to the ER a few weeks ago because I was having irregular beats constantly - almost as if it felt like all day long. Super scary, and super uncomfortable. ER sent me home and said nothing was wrong. I would describe most of these irregular beats as a quick flutter or skipped beat. Sometimes a "hard" feeling beat felt in the center of my chest or throat. But I never feel like my heart is racing.  In addition to the arrhythmia, I have some strange chest pains. Most of the time, they feel like little "pin prick" sensations in my right chest. Every now and then I feel a "squeezing" pain in the center of my chest, and sometimes it feels like my actual heart is aching. I think I gave myself a panic attack thinking I was having a heart attack at one moment. I've had a stress text, x-rays, EKGs, bloodwork, echo, and I too had to wear the heart monitor where you push the button every time you felt an episode. I wore mine for 14 days and have mailed in the monitor, waiting for the results still. I see my Cardiologist April 20 for a followup. I received my echo results in an email and it all says normal.

    I have felt a couple times a little dizzy, but I have to wonder if that's me working myself up worrying and that it's not actually related to my episodes. When is your next appointment? I would love for us to share what our doctors have to say.


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       I too definitely feel the “hard” beats at times in the center of my chest. I have my next appoint to review the results of my monitor on the 16th of this month. 

      Have your doctors ever diagnosed you with anything, or are they just saying you’re fine like what I’m being told? 

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      No diagnosis yet. When I go back on the 20th, he will go over my heart monitor and echo results and then go from there. Depending on what he says, I am going to request that my cholesterol be checked as well as schedule an angiogram. 

      Be sure to come back and let me know how things went with your followup. 

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      Thanks I will. Do you think an angiogram would be necessary for me? a lot of people think that I am freaking out for no reason because of my age. 
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      It would seem like a far fetch for someone your age to have cardiovascular disease, but if it would give you some peace of mind to have the test done, I say do it. 

      I am also curious to know if you struggle with managing stress or if you have episodes of anxiety?

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      I have always been a very anxious person. I’m currently Pre-med at Tulane also having to work 20 hrs a week and stuff. Do you think it could be anxiety? 
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      It absolutely could be a possibility. Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. You should definitely discuss it with your doctor.
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    Hi there. Met with my cardiologist on Friday. He says my heart is normal and healthy. He said I could try some meds to help with the irregular beats if I felt like they bothered me enough. I really don't want to take a pill every day for the rest of my life so I think I'm going to just deal with it unless it gets too uncomfortable. He did not think it was necessary to have any further testing. I'm going to wait it out for another 6 months and see if I can pinpoint what my triggers are. I don't like the fact that I have chest pain now and then, but he said that is related to my skipped beats.. which kind of doesn't make sense to me because he said my heart rate monitor only recorded a total of 5 skipped beats during the two week period I was wearing it and I manually recorded over 100 episodes of irregular beats. I'm not going to stress out about tho. How are you?

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    Brother dont worry. I have been checked by 22 cardiologist and 1 hour ago i come back from cardioligist. All said its anxiety. You have to believe them . And if they said you have panic or anxiety you take medicine that they give you. Dont worry. Stayed blessed

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