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VINEGAR, VINEGAR AND MORE VINEGAR!!! You don't need to pay money to get rid of these things!! Listen up people, if you want to see quicker results just use vinegar to get rid of your awful warts or veruca/s!! Get either white wine vinear or apple cider vinegar, cotton wool balls and some duck tape. Break the cotton wool into smaller pieces (slightly larger than the veruca or wart itself) Soak these cotton wool pieces in vinegar and place directly over the veruca/s. Secure in place over night with plenty of duck tape. Do this every night. In the morning, remove the tape and shower as usual. Let the area dry up during the day and leave alone. After only a few days you will feel slight tenderness in the veruca area and you will notice that it changes colour, becoming darker. I think that this is because the veruca has absorbed the vinegar and the flesh is decaying and drying up. This is the only thing that has helped me with mine. Don't waste money on over the counter products-its a waste!! Don't have them cut out or frozen or lazered-off until youhave tried this for at least 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure this will be the most effective thing you've tried! And easy and natural and cheap. Try it!! Good luck!!! xoxox :ok:

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    iv been useing the vinegar and duck tape for almost three weeks now i have to say the size of the verruca has gone down :D. the center of it has gone all brown/black. how long would you sergesed to carry on useing the vinegar and how can you tell if it has gone?


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    I found that this process worked a for two of my five verruca. I used a slightly different process but fundamentaly the same. I had instant success with a verrucca that had for 5 years proved resistant to all other treatments. it went from being a very deep painful verruca to gon in a week. Another one cleared up after a couple of weeks. one of my verruccas cleared up using amoils. Two are still learcking.

    I think that the shape and position of a verruca makes every one unique and therrefore you need to persist with each type of treatment before moving on to the next. Once you have killed a verruca with vinegar you realise that the verruca is not a thing that lives on or in the skin it is very much part of the skin and parts of the verruca branch off allong the blood vesals in many directions deep into the foot.

    Therefore patience is critical with whatever treatment. I am now convinced that both vinegar and presently Duofilm (lactic acid+salicylic) work. I liked the idea of the lactic becuse of the history of milk maids not getting warts.

    My new idea and i am sure this has milage is that at all times during the day you shoud wear a corn plaster. Yes during this time you can use vinegar or any other treatment, however, do it in conjunction with the corn plaster.

    My reasons for this is that the weight of the body pushes the verruca into the foot but if tou wear a corn plaster fixed in place with duct tape then like squeasing a spot or splinter the verruca will be pushed out of the foot. This means that the acid and the pairing down is far far more effective. Also the verruca becomes less deep and more accesable.

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    I agree. Vinegar definitely worked for me, but my god is it painful after a week of use.

    I had to give it a rest for a few days because running (something i do a lot) was agonising. But two days into second round, and 3 literally dropped off this morning with a bit of gentle rubbing with an emery board.

    Only 5 more to go!

    I tried just only duct tape and the later with Malt vinegar a few months ago, which had moderate success. Both beat the expensive chemical remedies.

    I've switched to Sainburys SO Organic White Wine Vinegar this time, and it's having fantastic results!

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    Vinegar worked for me too. Ive had this thing over 3 years and tried freezing at the doctors. That didn't help and it killed me painwise and money wise. I tried banana skins(worked a little but never finished the job) creams, gels and the blade.

    I couldn't walk properly for 2 days with the vinegar. It turned black and that was the end of it. I dug out the brown stuff as im impatient.

    Try not to do that unless you wear gloves and have dettol hand wash handy.

    Apple cider vinegar THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is a very interesting thread....my husband has little moles (non malignant) over his body and has been attending the practice nurse every week to have them 'freeze dried' - then they go black and fall off - not immediately. do you think that this vinegar method would work for moles?

    Would be grateful for advice. Thanks.

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    My husband has had warts on his left hand for years some are really big and some are under his nails on the tip of his finger making it painful to work (he is a builder). They also look unpleasant and he is embarrased about them. He also has a big verucca on his left heel which has been frozen and also cut out, neither treatment worked and the surgery cost nearly £1000. He has also done the banana skin, broad bean skin, nail polish, umpteen wart products,duct tape and even a special diet to try to boost his immune system. I was really intrigued by the postings here so decided to give vinegar a go. We are 8 days into the 'treatment'. As stated after 2 days the warts went black (we are experimenting on 2) and after 6 days the horrible centre came out of one. It was very sore.The other wart is still there but reduced. We are still doing the vinegar ( white vinegar) as there are still a couple of black spots to be seen. Also the dermatologist who treated my husband said that if you 'shock' warts but don't kill them this virus can have 'Rambo' mentality and grow back more aggressively as they know they are under attack so to speak. I really hope these horrible horrible things go away and I will post the final result - one way or another.
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    I had a small mole on the bridge of my nose. I 'burned' it off applying apple vinegar as described above. It came back or so I thought. After 4-5 attempts I saw a dermatologist who told me that the mole was gone, but the reason I thought \"it kept coming back\" was because the skin was infected by a wart. I was very surprised as I applied an antibacterial and antiviral spray every day.


    1. Yes, apple vinegar will work on small to medium moles too. But you must check them with your GP first to make sure they are not malignant. And keep in mind that they may leave scarring.

    2. In my case, apple vinegar and garlic did not work in getting rid of the wart. Initially the wart was gone, but as the skin healed, the wart kept coming back.

    3. Warts are very persistent viruses. Even the use of antiviral and antibacterial substances such as betadine may not stop them.

    So, I still have this terrible wart on my nose. My past experience with facial warts tells me that medical acid is too painful and does not work and burning them with electricity has a 50% success and will leave some scarring. I used Wartner wart removal on facial warts in the past with 100% success and minimal scarring. So, for now I am trying the medical acid + duct tape method (look online for details) and will see how it goes. If no sucess I'll use Wartner again.

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    I signed up here to share my thoughts. ACV is a miracle cure. I had warts and verrucas for about 10 years and every year I would get fed up and get a load of freezing kits which never worked. I saw a tip saying ACV worked so I gave it a go.

    I duct taped cotton wool to the area with very thin strips of duct tape, very gently, then poured a cap full of ACV into the cotton wool. I then put a small piece of plastic carrier bag over the cotton wool and put a sock over it before going to sleep. This keeps it in place, and stops the AVC absorbing into sheets etc.

    After only 3 sessions of treating two warts and a patch of verrucas, the pain was mild, but I noticed the skin going funny so I stopped. 3 weeks later, and there is nothing there. At all. Its weird though, because I was going to move on to other warts and verrucas, but I just checked which to start with today and literally they have all gone except for a tiny pin head wart. Not sure where they went but I blame the ACV. Very happy smile

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    My 7 year old son had warts pratically on every finger - on one alone he had 4 all bunched together and they had gone under his finger nail so i couldnt get to them. he was starting to get small little ones on his legs and one or two on his face. after tryin alot of remedies i decided to try apple cider vinegar as a last resort - we treated mostly the main warts that were bunched together and one or two of the bigger ones. they changed colour and we peeled off the outer later every few days when they had dried up . after three weeks he woke up one morning and - guess what there was not a wart to be seen on his body - even the ones we had not done the treatment on had disappeared!!
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      Hello,  My 8y daughter has a similar problem and we have tried what seems like everything so far!  Your story gives me hope!  Just wondering if your son complained of much pain with the ACV appilations?  Did you treat them day and night or just nightime?  
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    I've just started trying this vinegar idea and it deffo seems to be doing something. Its quite painful as its bringing all the roots to the top, - Just wondering tho - how r they going completely? Is it just by filing them and eventually u file the roots off? Or do people try different things? Also how long does it usually take?
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    It will take a few weeks what happens is the top layer dries up and you ju isst peel it off this means the ving is getting to the next layer. You don't have to file it off it will dry up so much it will just peel off.
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    Ah ok - lovely! god I hope this works. Had these for over 3 years now and so fed up! Another q - is it bad to get vinegar on the good skin? My toe was white all over because I have about 4 on it, so the vinegar had leaked a bit when I taped it all up?
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    No that is ok but try not to as it burns the skin if it keeps going on it. just use tiny bit of cottonwool just enough to cover the warts squeeze out a bit of the vinegar so its not dripping with vinegar. its good to use good concentrated apple cider vinegar. i got mine in health food shop it was double strength. don't worry it will work just stick with it. also sometimes if skin was too sore around it i would have given it a break the odd night. it may take a few weeks depending how bad the virus is. let me know how u get on. good luck!
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    You know you said it dries up and you can peel it off? The black has become even more visible in all the verucca's, (been going about a week, with 2 days rest as it was very sore). The skin around them seems to be drying up quite a bit, but the actual black bit doesn't seem to and is too painful to try and do anything with.

    Is this what happened with yours? Does the black eventually dry up and come out?

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